Photo Restoration

Fern Hill Systems scans prints, negatives, slides and creates a digital copy of the photo. The photo is restored to its original colour using computer software. You will not regret getting your photos scanned when you see how good they look after photo restoration.

Benefits of having your photos scanned and restored:

The photos will stop fading, because you will have a digital copy of the photo.
You are able to view your photos on the computer in a digital picture frame.
A movie of the photos can be made.
You are able to give your relatives a copy of the photos.
If a fire or flood destroys your house, your relatives will have a copy of your photos.
You can put your photos onto the Fern Hill Systems Photo Manager website, so that other relatives can see your photos. An example is the Dempster Family Tree.
There are hundreds of things that can be done with your digital photos.

Sample photos.